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Establo Pharma Offer

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Joanna Górska | 2019-07-18 18:14:48
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Establo Pharma is a professional, pharmaceutical company offering only high quality dietary supplements with clinical studies.


Establo Pharma was established to meet the needs of other people, to seek innovative solutions and to create top quality products that are the best response to the customers' needs. We create them from the beginning, from the formula, through many clinical trials, analysis, consultations with the outstanding bio-technologists and key opinion leaders, to manufacturing and sales. The most important basic values for us are quality and reliability.

Our main focus is infertility and women's healthcare. We have whole line of products, called Inofem® line, treating PCOS syndrome and hormonal imbalance, more advanced one is treating women infertility and is used as a support during IVF treatments.. We think of our client as we continue to grow our portfolio. Once she is pregnant she needs complex of vitamins, Composita Mama DHA® - it is now one of most popular choice in Poland. Also, we have a solution in form of drops treating morning sickness and nausea. We also have a long-term treatment for women with low libido, Prolibid®.
As we continue to grow our portfolio, we now have a new product this time for men, Supramen® treating men's infertility by enriching semen. Other line of our business are new products meeting other first-hand issues in the world today: Diaberol® treating diabetes and Neothrombin® treating circulatory system.

We are looking for business partners who share our passion, as well as our ethical values, our professionalism, commitment to quality and partnership. We carefully analyse all the information that comes to us from patients and doctors, so we get to know their needs and respond to them. This principle is also addressed in relation to our business partners.


Contact person:

Anna Korneszczuk

Business Development Manager
Tel: +48 502852791


Establo Pharma Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Wojciechowska 9b/9
20-704 Lublin



Establo Pharma Product Catalog 2019
pdf | 5.01 MB

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