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Polish Success Stories in the US: LOT Cargo

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Cargo and Mail Bureau at LOT Polish Airlines was established in 1995 and since then it's been offering its services on the highest quality level. The company’s major goal is to strengthen its position on the airfreight market to, from and via Poland.

LOT Cargo headquarters are based in Warsaw, there are also offices in Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk. Foreign offices are located in Minsk, New York and Chicago. LOT Cargo services are also offered by GSA Agents and representatives all over the world, from the Far East, through Europe to North and South America.


LOT Cargo range covers main cities in Europe, as well as the USA, Canada Middle East and China but thanks to agreements with other airlines and freighters, goods can be delivered to every part of the world.

The company offers airfreight and mail shipments. The goods are either transported on passengers’ planes or on freighters leased from other companies.


In 2012 LOT Polish Airlines will be the first European carrier to receive Boeings 787Dreamliners. The estimated cargo payload for those planes is 10 tons, 35% more than for currently operating Boeings 767. This will give LOT Cargo an opportunity to increase the number of carried freight by around 30%.


The USA has been the most important market for LOT Cargo since the opening of direct connections 40 years ago.

LOT Polish Airlines is the only airline offering direct flights from Chicago, New York and Newark in the USA and Toronto in Canada to Poland.

Additionally to passengers’ flights LOT also offers all cargo connections from Chicago in the USA and Hamilton in Canada to Katowice and from Warsaw to Minsk in Belarus.

The freighter flights to North America are usually operated twice a week and can carry over 35 tons each. Flights to Belarus also take place twice a week and the payload is 5 tons. Goods to Minsk are usually transit shipments from North America or the Far East. Freighter connections increase available capacity and enable more flexible offer. Also, on freighter planes LOT Cargo can transport goods of custom height as well as those forbidden to be boarded on passengers’ aircrafts.

Since the opening of the first cargo flight from Katowice to Hamilton, LOT Cargo has increased its cargo volumes on transatlantic routes. The second freighter, from Katowice to Chicago, complements the passengers’ connections specially during the winter season.

Competitive offer and fast delivery enable LOT Cargo remain the leader on Polish market in cargo shipments from and to the USA as well as from and to Belarus.


The biggest quantity of cargo is transported to/from Chicago. Thanks to mutual agreements with other airlines and flexible connections from Chicago, LOT Cargo offers transit flights to other cities in the USA as well as in South America.

As far as cargo shipments are concerned, LOT Polish Airlines mainly carries machine parts, car parts, electronic devices, food, pharmaceuticals and newspapers.


LOT Cargo had also the opportunity to transport unusual shipments, like bulls, pigs, and cars.