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Polish Success Stories in the US: Com.40

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: WPHI Washington | 2016-03-08 20:53:55
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Com40 is more than 3000 skilled workers, 150 000 m2 of modern machinery park, and productivity of 2500 units per day of upholstered furniture.

The success of the company, founded in 2000, is in a management strategy based on continuous improvement in the team and the achievement of better and better results in terms of both productivity and quality. Com40's goal is to continuously improve efficiency while maintaining price competitiveness for the products manufactured at the plant. Currently, the Com40 complex of factories, which includes the Correct mattress factory, is the largest such enterprise in Poland.

In 2009, the company expanded its operations to ​​the United States, where it set up a factory for Com40’s daughter company – EIB LCC. With these advantages, Com40 is a desirable business partner and a world-class brand. For over 10 years, the company has been working successfully with many suppliers and customers across Europe. As well as individual customers, our furniture equips numerous networks of cafes, clubs, and restaurants, as well as public buildings. The Com40 factory works in several modes of production to enable the execution of both bulk orders and individual production focused on premium products.

The factory operates according to the IWAY standard required by one of its key customers. This standard sets out requirements on the environment, social conditions, and working conditions. Com40 also has FSC certification, certifying that the furniture produced in the factory does not contribute to environmental damage, infringement of employees’ human rights, illegal exploitation of natural resources, reduction of biodiversity, or depletion of forest ecosystems. The plant regularly expands its production capacity, gradually freeing itself from external suppliers. The company regularly develops its machinery park, invests in the latest warehousing solutions, and runs a systematic training program for employees. An important element of Com40’s development strategy is to implement Kaizen philosophy at every stage of production. In 2008, the luxury brand Comforty Living was rolled out, which focuses on top level design and luxury. Comforty Living salons are located in prominent locations in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. The brand is pursuing a range of campaigns to promote high design, develop the sales network, and create new collections based on the work of the best designers across Europe.