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Polish Success Stories in the US: US Pharmacia

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: WPHI Washington | 2016-03-08 20:58:49
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We are a Polish company, that has for over 20 years, been the trend setter in the market for over-the-counter (OTC) medicine.

We were founded in the United States as US Pharmacia, and today we are a group of companies operating in the field of health care. Today, USP is the number one company in the over-the-counter sector of the Polish pharmaceutical market.


We employ close to 700 people. We have offices in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the United States. We have our own laboratory and research & development department. Our production facility in Wrocław, Poland (known as US Pharmacia) provides on average of more than 140 million individual packages a year.


Our headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland where USP Zdrowie is based; represented by such leading brands as Ibuprom, APAP, Gripex, Stoperan, Vigor, Verdin, Xenna and many more. Our company has a portfolio of over 100 products that have been trusted by our consumers and pharmacists for years.


Due to the wide availability of over-the-counter medicine and dietary supplements, we engage in educational efforts focusing on the responsible and conscious use of over-the-counter medicine and the safe use of these products in home treatment. We advocate for healthy lifestyle and offer a wide range of our own solutions - from our proven and trusted products, through the shaping of healthy attitudes, to professional expertise that allows everyone to make informed decisions concerning health. To address changing consumer habits, we are also introducing our own innovations and technological solutions such as mobile applications and interactive television programs for pharmacists. In this way, we are realizing our mission. Our products are widely available, in reality they are probably present in the majority of Polish homes. The knowledge that we are present in the daily lives of so many people only makes us feel more obligated towards fulfilling our mission. This is why we make every effort to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions, to help everybody feel better and healthier. Health is for us the most important value - and in everything we do, we do it with a passion for health.