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Nearly 3,000 economic entities operate in Jaslo. Most of them are involved in wholesale and retail trade, but there is also a significant number of companies engaged in the professional, scientific and technical, health care, construction and industrial processing businesses. Many companies are affiliated in the Association of Entrepreneurs of Jaslo, which is an important partner of the local government in its efforts of the economic development of the City.

Nearly 3,000 economic entities operate in Jaslo. Most of them are involved in wholesale and retail trade, but there is also a significant number of companies engaged in the professional, scientific and technical, health care, construction and industrial processing businesses. Many companies are affiliated in the Association of Entrepreneurs of Jaslo, which is an important partner of the local government in its efforts of the economic development of the City.

An important economic asset is a subzone of the Euro-Park Wisłosan Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone with an area of more than 52 hectares, offering a package of incentives and tax exemptions  for entrepreneurs which is located in the area of Jaslo. Jaslo is home to many renowned companies present on international markets. These include, but are not limited to: Nowy Styl Group  - taking 4th place in the list of the largest furniture groups in Europe, which has 15 factories (in Poland, Germany, Russia and Ukraine). The company's products are sold to 74 countries, and the exports account for 60% of the production. 

In the framework of the Innovative Economy 2007-2013 programme, the Group implemented in Jaslo a project entitled: "Innovative technologies in the furniture industry - construction of a modern production plant by Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o. and introduction of innovative products on the European market". The total value of the project was PLN 105.7 million, including funding  from the European Regional Development Fund PLN 39.9 million: Opening of one of the most modern furniture factories in Europe took place in 2014. The Group announces that 90 new jobs will be created within the plant.

Currently, the entire Group employs 5,700 of employees, of which 1,700 work in Jaslo; Orion Engineered Carbons Group  -  manufacturer of Carbon Black used in the production of rubber mixtures for car tires, and rubber articles. The Group has 15 factories around the world (including in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, USA, Brazil, Korea), it is present in 100 countries; the group's headquarters is located in Germany;  Naturex S.A. – a French group,  a world leader in the production of natural ingredients of plant origin, it  has  15  factories around the world   (including among others France, Australia, Morocco, USA, China);   In Jaslo the Group invests in the production of pectin and concentrates used for the production of dyes and new installations for the production of powders of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Jaslo successfully implements complicated and technologically advanced machine design projects for other plants of the Group, including, but not limited to in Switzerland and in France; Tarkett Group  - a global leader in innovative solutions for flooring and sports surfaces. With a wide range of products, including vinyl flooring, linoleum, carpet, rubber, wood and laminated floors, synthetic grass, raceway sports surfaces, the Group has customers in over 100 countries around the world. With 11 thousand employees and 30 manufacturing facilities, Tarkett each day sells 1.3 million m² of floor coverings. 

The Group head office is located in France; Fabryka Armatur Jafar S.A. – a manufacturer of cast iron fittings for water, gas, sewage, as well as sanitary and home network fittings.  Half of the production is exported to 30 countries around the world.

In 2012, the company  launched one of the most modern ductile iron foundries in Europe; Polwax S.A. – one of Europe's largest manufacturers and distributors of refined and deodorized paraffin, and industrial paraffin wax goods. Approximately 25% of the total sales volume is exported,   the most frequent directions for the export are: Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine and Russia.  In 2013, the company completed an investment of approximately PLN 12 million -  installation of slack wax de-oiling, according to Swiss technology of Sulzer Chemtech company ; Gamrat S.A. – a company taking a prominent place among world producers of the plastics industry. Its  majority shareholder is Zakłady “LENTEX” SA from Lubliniec; Huta Szkła w Jaśle S.A. – a manufacturer  of spotlight glass for cars of all global brands, as well as economic and utility glass and stained glass performed using traditional method. 

The main export destinations include:  Australia,  Belarus,  Bulgaria, Czech Republic,  Finland,  France, Israel,  Canada, Germany, Russia,  Romania, Slovakia, Sweden,  Turkey,  USA, United Kingdom, Italy; Delta Tech Electronics – a manufacturer of modern diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry, among others, for VOLKSWAGEN group and FIAT.  In addition, the company  owner has co-authored an innovative electric scooter  which ,  depending on its version,   allows a top speed of 25 km/h or 45 km/h  a  kilometer of ride costs PLN 1/100. This work of constructors   was an undisputed  curiosity at the fair in the German  Friedrichshafen.

Human Resources

Jaslo has considerable unused resources of the workforce - in 2014, the unemployment rate in the district of Jaslo amounted to 15.9%. The largest group among the registered unemployed people includes persons aged from 25 to 34 years (30.4% of all the unemployed people). Job seekers in Jaslo usually have basic vocational, post-secondary and secondary vocational education (58.9%), but there are also people with higher education (12,3%).

The most represented professional groups among the registered unemployed people include: sellers, cooks, technicians economists, economists, hairdressers, auto mechanics, economic workers, confectioners, locksmiths, tailors, construction workers.

Mayor of Jaslo declares, if necessary, personal involvement and assistance in dealing with the District Labor Office in Jaslo to recruit qualified staff. In the area of Jaslo a well-developed base of primary, middle and secondary schools and two universities operates . The secondary schools of Jaslo have a wide educational offer, and an average of about 1,200 alumni leave them every year. Most of them are technicians and middle level personnel, industrial workers and craftsmen, service workers and salesmen.

The structure of alumnus is as follows: secondary schools - 43%, technical colleges and vocational schools - 57%. The largest number of alumnus of Jaslo continues their education at the following universities: Rzeszow – 36%, Krakow – 26%, Jaslo – 16%, other academic centers in the country – 22%. In the Podkarpacka Higher School of Jaslo the students attend the first and second degree studies in the following specialties and faculties: economics, spatial management and transport (including logistics and traffic engineering). In the Off-Campus Educational Center in Jaslo of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz studies of the first degree in education and political science are conducted.

The alumnus of the secondary schools also undertake education in Krosno located at a distance of 20 km from Jaslo. The Krosno's State Higher Vocational School allows for obtaining engineering degree in the following faculties and specialties: mechanics and machinery construction (including numerically controlled lathes, mechatronics and automotive diagnostics, pilotage and aviation mechanics), computer science, environmental engineering and building industry. An additional advantage is competitive labor costs. The average remuneration in the district of Jaslo is 78.4% of the national average and 92,6% of the average remuneration in the Podkarpacki region (2013).

Location and infrastructure

Jaslo is located on important national transportation routes. The city is intersected by DK 28 national road Zator – Medyka and DK 73 national road Jaslo - Wiśniówka. The national road No. 28 passing through Jaslo is in the Podkarpacki region an important thoroughfare - parallel to the highway A4 and DK 4. Also in Jaslo start the following regional roads: DW 992 Jaslo - Ozenna and DW 988 Warzyce (on the border of the city) - Babica. Also a construction of S19 expressway is planned, with which Jaslo will be communicated through the modernized national road No. 28 In addition, under the agreement of local governments of Malopolskie region and Podkarpackie region construction of an expressway Kielce-Nowy Korczyn-Tarnów-S19 is planned, the section of which will be located in the vicinity of Jaslo. The city is also intersected by two railway lines: no. 108 Stróże – Krościenko and No. 106 Rzeszów – Jaslo.

The distance from Jaslo to the highway is satisfactory, as it is 60 km, as the distance to the international airports: Rzeszow-Jasionka – 80 km and Krakow-Balice – 155 km. While, in Jaslo a landing field for helicopters and small aircrafts is located. Jaslo has a favorable geographical location in relation to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The distance from the road border crossings with Ukraine is: 122 km (Krościenko) and 140 km (Medyka), and the distance from the border with Slovakia is only 55 km (Barwinek) and 70 km (Konieczna). The border location of our city within the new European perspective 2014-2020 will be important for opening Europe to eastern markets.


For more information please see attached files: 


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