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Video about Poland - your place to invest

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: WPHI Washington | 2017-01-10 22:17:17
poland, invest, economy, central eastern europe

Please watch this short video about Poland.

Poland - the biggest economy in Central Europe, 6th in the European Union, 20th in the world. 39 million consumers. A bridge between the European Union and Eastern European countries. Healthy public finances, economic predictability, and political stability that allow you to plan long term investments. After all, we're talking about the only European Union country that avoided the 2008 worldwide crisis. Aviation, automotive parts, furniture, chemical industries, IT, mining machinery building, shipbuilding, food producing and processing - these are our national specialities. You cannot get better quality, productivity, and work ethics anywhere else. Our engineers, mathematicians, IT experts, and scientists are well known all over the world. The Polish plan to modernize its infrastructure - especially roads, railroads and the power industry, gives you a huge opportunity for investment. Poland strongly supports startups and invests in innovations in sectors such as cybersecurity, drones, and robots. For years, Poland has been one of the most attractive Foreign Direct Investment destination in Central Eastern Europe.

Poland - your place to invest!