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Polish National Stand at Florida International Medical EXPO (FIME), 26-28 June 2019! Why it is worth visiting?

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2019-06-19 10:14:54
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Did you know that... a Polish manufacturer supplies its products to the US ARMY. Hydrogel dressing produced by a Polish manufacturer is a part of the Individual First Aid Kit used by American soldiers. 46% global market share by volume in safety lancets and approximately 15% global market share by volume in personal lancets belong to HTL STREFA - a polish company with global experience from more than 80 countries. HTL STREFA - the leading provider globally of blood micro-sampling medical devices!


Polish medical sector

Poland is well known as a competitive producer of instruments and appliances used in medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine.


Growing public expenditures on health care and aging society make the Polish market perspective for medical devices. Domestic producers of medical devices are developing dynamically and adjusting to the market requirements.


Polish medical devices meet the strictest EU quality standards while remaining at a competitive price (quality and safety standards are defined by EU regulations).


The value of the medical devices market has also been increasing for several years. The National Health Fund's expenditure on medical devices (used in individual supplies) is also growing. We are currently observing over 50% growth in NHS funding over the last 5 years.


Polish manufacturers of medical devices are dynamically operating enterprises. Most of them are small and medium companies, with high export potential.


The market of medical devices in Poland reached the value of over USD 2.9 billion. We expect that in 2021 estimate value of the Polish Medical Market will achieve 3,4 bn USD.


Export of medical devices

Poland, considering its size and potential, has a wide range of medical equipment manufacturers. A large part of the companies opted for highly specialized production, e.g. electrodes for the electrophysiological examination of the heart or catheters for embolectomy.


Labor cost in Poland is still lower compared to the leading countries in the production of medical equipment such as Germany or France. Production in Poland is also a guarantee of better flexibility and adjustment to the clients' needs. However Polish companies export medical equipment mainly to Germany, it should also be emphasized that Polish medical equipment is gaining more and more recognition in the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.


The medical devices industry is a priority economy sector in Poland, with vast competitive and innovative potential, and large export capacity (exports of EUR 1.78 billion in 2017, over two-thirds growth year-to-year). The Polish government promotes the development of this industry and provides support to small and medium enterprises in their promotion of product brands that may become successful on foreign markets. Therefore, the group of Polish companies which present themselves at the most important trade shows all over the world is growing. Devices made in Poland have been gaining appreciation largely resulting from consistent product innovations and improvements, intensive R&D, and attractive industrial design. In addition, those high-quality products are offered at affordable prices. On average 60% of the sales of Polish medical devices manufacturers are exports.


The most often export Polish products:

  • safety lancets, personal lancets, and pen needles for insulin injection
  • solutions for operating rooms, Intensive Care Units, Hospital Emergency Wards, gynecology and obstetrics wards, treatment rooms
  • medical furniture
  • surgical equipment and tools used in operations
  • surgical implants used in spinal treatment in orthopedics and neurosurgery
  • orthopedic and rehabilitation devices
  • equipment for patients suffering from dysfunctions of the locomotive apparatus
  • sterile hydrogel dressings used in wound treatment

Take more out of your visit and be part of the Polish National Stand (number: U.51)!


Join us for the press briefing - Polish medical equipment an export hit!

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